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Producing nitrogen on site is easy!

We offer a technological solution that ensures the supply of gases in exact accordance with the requirements of each client.

Atlas Copco’s nitrogen generators have several advantages: simple and fast installation, a wide range of nitrogen purity: from 95% to 99.999%, a constant flow of nitrogen, and significant savings per cubic meter compared to the supply of liquid gas and bottled gas.

Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators

NGM and NGM + Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Our industrial-type PSA nitrogen generator is a reliable and economical solution for on-site nitrogen production.

NGP Series Nitrogen Generators

Having your own nitrogen generator allows you to get nitrogen exactly when you need it, and not to store a large supply of nitrogen in cylinders or tanks for liquid nitrogen.

NGP + Series Nitrogen Generators

The unique energy saving algorithm of the new nitrogen generator of the NGP + series provides a reduction in the air supply at low nitrogen consumption.

OGP Series Oxygen Generators

PSA technology allows the separation of oxygen molecules in compressed air. This is an economical way to produce high purity oxygen.

All kinds of oxygen generator technology

Thanks to many years of experience in supplying compressed air solutions to the Uzbek market, we can offer you compressor equipment in strict accordance with the requirements of your process.

Diverse assortment

Regardless of the size of your business, scope or long-term investment policy, we will find a solution to meet all your requirements.

Innovative technologies

OGP Oxygen Generators with Atlas Copco’s Point-to-Point Adsorption Technology (PSA) are an economical way to independently produce oxygen.

Consultation with a specialist

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We supply the Uzbek market with various types of industrial compressors, equipment for air preparation, gas generators, blowers and vacuum pumps, as well as original spare parts. And also we offer various programs of service of compressors from basic works to the full service contract. Learn more about our service programs by calling +99878 150 36 90 or sign up for a free consultation.