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Compressed air dryers

Atlas Copco dehumidifiers provide reliable, energy-efficient protection for your equipment.

The use of innovative compressed air technology allows us to provide the most suitable solutions for almost any application. Due to innovation and durability, our products provide maximum energy efficiency, as well as a long service life and high reliability.

What is the need for a compressed air dryer?

1 m3 of atmospheric air at 25 ° С and 70% humidity contains 16 grams of water, for example, when compressing 54 m3 / min of air at a pressure of 7 bar, 52 liters of water per hour are released from the air. Of these, 36 liters of water are removed using the built-in compressor systems (after-cooler, automatic condensate drain, etc.). Most of the remaining moisture can be removed from the compressed air in the case of the use of appropriate equipment.

What does the presence of moisture in the line of compressed air?

  • Corrosion of the internal surfaces of the pneumatic line, which will lead to a drop in pressure, leakage of compressed air. As a result, energy consumption will increase.
  • To remove the oil layer from the internal surfaces of the pneumotool, to increase the wear of moving parts, to reduce technical characteristics, to reduce the service life and failure.

  • Invariably affect the quality of products, increase the marriage and, as a consequence, customer dissatisfaction.

Compressed air dryers

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How to choose the right dryer?

The temperature of the compressed air at the outlet of the after-cooler is 10–15 ° C higher than the ambient temperature. However, even a slight decrease in its temperature will lead to condensation. The temperature at which moisture begins to condense is called the dew point (PDP). In order to prevent the condensation of moisture in pipelines, the temperature of the compressed air must be below the ambient temperature. In other words, the dew point should be below ambient temperature.

In most cases, the temperature of the compressed air can be reduced by means of a refrigerator-type dryer. However, to obtain a lower dew point, the use of an adsorption dryer is necessary.