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Wide range of air compressors for any application.

Among the vast range of our air compressors, you can always find the right one for you!

The use of innovative compressed air technology allows us to provide the most suitable solutions for almost any application. Due to innovation and durability, our products provide maximum energy efficiency, as well as a long service life and high reliability.

Atlas Copco Compressor Line

In this section you can familiarize yourself with the full range of our compressed air solutions.

All types of compressed air technology

Thanks to many years of experience in supplying compressed air solutions to the Uzbek market, we can offer you compressor equipment in strict accordance with the requirements of your process.

All types of compressors

We have both oil and oil free compressors for all applications.

Complex solutions

Our compressed air production technologies are piston, spiral, gear, screw, as well as turbochargers

Diverse assortment

Regardless of the size of your business, scope or long-term investment policy, we will find a solution to meet all your requirements.

Innovative technologies

If you are a client, you will find the solution to meet all your requirements.

Consultation with a specialist

We have made it possible to order a consultation with a specialist on our website. Just fill out the form!

We supply the Uzbek market with various types of industrial compressors, equipment for air preparation, gas generators, blowers and vacuum pumps, as well as original spare parts. And also we offer various programs of service of compressors from basic works to the full service contract. Learn more about our service programs by calling +99878 150 36 90 or sign up for a free consultation.